Q: What are your qualifications for this office and why are you seeking this office?

 A: My background in financial planning uniquely qualifies me to understand the future financial position of our County.  As Treasurer I have already identified several ways to save money, improve efficiency, and create solutions to eliminate waste.  I have saved the taxpayers’ dollars by eliminating bank fees and helping refinance bonds saving over a million dollars of interest over the life of our bonds.


Q: The Texas Open Meeting Act requires business that comes before the Commissioners Court, in both open and closed sessions, to be publicly posted in sufficient detail to alert the public to issues of interest to them.  What would you do to improve the commissioners' compliance with this act?

 A: I was the first candidate to commit to place video of the Commissioners Court meetings online so that taxpayers and employees can easily see firsthand how decisions are made.  As an elected official, I consider complete transparency something I owe the taxpayers.  It’s imperative that we provide opportunities for citizens to be involved early in the decision process.  I’m an advocate of using smart, cost efficient technology to make County government more effective.  I’ve proven it as your County Treasurer and I’ve leveraged several techniques to communicate with supporters during the campaign.  Text ‘Judge’ to 77948 to learn more.


Q: Would you support creating a Grayson County Mental Health court similar to the Drug and Family Law courts and/or establish a position for a Mental Health officer?  Please explain.

 A: If the Mental Health court can be as successful as our current Drug court, I would support it’s establishment.  A local non-profit organization specializing in substance abuse and homelessness, 4 Rivers Outreach, strongly advocates for a mental health court.  As a responsible.  I pledge to find all of the facts related to the costs and success of courts around the state to determine if it is in the best interest in Grayson County Taxpayers.  This type of court will also need a strong partnership with MHMH and support from the District Attorney, Judges, and Sheriff.  Each of these departments may need specialized training, and those costs need to be measured in the decision to have a specialty court.  I pledge to make all the facts known regarding the creation of such a court and make a decision in the interest of the greatest good.


 Q: Do you support the establishment of a Veterans Court in Grayson County?

 A: I support the efforts of those who have come before me to start this Court.  Many of our Veterans have experienced far more physical and emotional trauma than most of us can comprehend.  If we worked closely with the Veteran’s Administration, successful treatment outcomes would arrive at a lower cost to the county.  Like in any specialty court, the departments involved must understand their roles and special needs of this court to determine how we can serve dual needs when possible.  The purpose of the Veterans Court is to help rehabilitate veterans as a part of their adjudication within the legal system.  It provides an opportunity to assist the ones who sacrificed for the freedoms we enjoy.